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October 12, 2018

Pink Coat

Happy Friday from Paris! A very happy Friday indeed, if you ask me. (And certainly a better end to the week than a beginning – more on that below!) I arrived to Paris early yesterday and today am starting my first full day with an early morning shoot with Briony followed by exploring the 15th arrondisement which is one I’ve not spent much time in – I can’t wait! As a head’s up I’m going to have an abbreviated posting schedule next week (trying to take some actual time off this trip!) but the weekly roundup will definitely go live next Friday at the very minimum. In the meantime follow along on my Parisian adventures over on Instagram!

This week was a great example of low lows and high highs. My site was hacked + disabled on Monday morning and I spent all of Monday trying to get things rightsized with my tech team + my host. The problems persisted into Tuesday when, while the site was live again, multiple post drafts I had nearly finalized in preparation of my upcoming trip were gone and unable to be recovered. I had to do so much work over again. (Also the saying of getting gray hair from stress…too true! I woke up with multiple new gray strands the following morning – ha!) This is the sort of thing you don’t realize goes on behind the scenes of a blog: all the backend management. Plugins to keep updated, coding to oversee and the occasional total site meltdown that sends your head spinning. It was brutal and so, so stressful. Oy. Anyhow, thanks for being patient with me this week as I worked through this. (And a special shoutout to reader Maddy who, upon seeing what was going on via my Instagram Stories, sent me $15 to buy a cocktail as I endured it all! She made my whole week <3). As a result of all this you may have missed my post Monday so check it out here and give it some love!? Haha! Seriously though thank you to everyone who reached out with kind words as I went through this stressful time!

Now, onto the roundup!


  • Arrived to Paris!
  • Got a treatment at Skin Laundry before I left to try and help some of my redness and acne that I’ve had going on of late. I loved it and my lurking, bothersome zit on my chin was radically reduced afterwards. If you use the link above you can get your first laser + light facial for free!




Have a wonderful weekend and hope you enjoyed this week’s roundup!

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