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August 30, 2019

Sarah Flint Perfect Pump I wit & whimsy

How great that we get to enjoy a long holiday weekend this weekend! Can you believe September is nearly upon us!? The past week really took it out of me and I’ve been dragging every day to the point I was wishing I could take daily naps. I’m so glad to be staying put in NYC for the weekend and looking forward to hopefully making progress in my current book, getting to work on planning details surrounding my Australia trip and having some major R&R. I may bake! I may head to Central Park! I may make a meal entirely from the farmer’s market! I may have wine up on my roof! The world is my oyster this weekend and I’m thrilled for it. I can’t work out right now due to my stitches so I’m going a little stir crazy without that outlet for my stress. I’m hopefully a rather open weekend will be a good cure-all for some of the anxiety I’ve been battling of late.

I hope you enjoy this week’s roundup and your long weekend! I’ll see you guys back here on Tuesday.


  • Had a super productive week work-wise. I signed onto a new consulting project and a new campaign for w&w, had several exciting meetings and shipped out four more Paris, Perfected orders.
  • Got the good news that last week’s surgery got all the skin cancer detected – what a relief!
  • Listened to the new Taylor Swift album on repeat! Anyone else? My favorite song is definitely Cruel Summer. I added my favorites from the album to my often-listened-to T.Swift playlist on Spotify. See also: Vulture’s always hilarious breakdown of what her lyrics mean.
  • Tried some pre-Fall items on and uploaded them here. To shop the items just click on the photo and then the individual items.




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  1. Stephanie says:

    Every time we hit the spring season here in Sydney, I wish I could taste pumpkin spice latte because people seem to talk about it a lot and I’ve never tasted it! I’m not a pumpkin person myself but I guess once I try it I can decide if it’s a yay or nay. So stoked to hear that you’ll be making your way down under at some point this year. I hope I stumble across you when you’re here in Australia. Will you be visiting Sydney?

    xo Stephanie

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