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February 5, 2021

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This week I felt relief. With the arrival of my furniture I could finally, finally settle into my space. I spent all weekend and week doing organizing projects, purchasing final items for the design, planning what to put on the walls and clearing out clutter. It felt *so* good. The snowy days also provided the perfect excuse to stay busy inside and get extra cozy. It felt so nice and I really warmed to the space each evening- settling in and seeing all the patience and hard work come to life.

Next week on wit & whimsy is going to be what I am affectionately calling Lounge Week! I’ll be sharing all the clothes I’ve been living in when it comes to be comfy and cozy at home. And tomorrow my next monthly newsletter goes out & will have special bonus content! I’m sharing the curated lists you guys sent in of your favorite recipes, books, TV shows and movies of 2020! You can sign up here if you’re not on the list. Just be sure to do so before 10AM EST Saturday.

I hope you enjoy this week’s roundup & have a wonderful weekend!


  • Started watching Bling Empire and wow. Just wow. Have any of you watched?
  • Finished Untamed by Glennon Doyle. I really enjoyed the stories and the empowering messages throughout.
  • Made this skillet dish and really enjoyed it.
  • Had my first call about a piece of art I am commissioning for my apartment! I am SO excited as I’ve never invested in art or had art that I really love. Proper Shoppe specializes in this and are guiding me through the experience and they connected me to a fellow Brooklyn resident who is painting the piece: Alex Soffer! I’ll be sharing the experience with you all and can’t wait to do so! Alex’s work is amazing and I can’t believe I’ll get a piece to have forever. 
  • I was slathering this hand cream on my hands all week. I usually hate hand creams – too fragrant, too slippery, too slimey – you name it. But I am in love with this fragrance free – dries immediately – makes hands oh-so-soft and cuticles more tame instantly – hand cream.
  • I updated the My Closet Shop, the Work It Out shop and my Home Favorites shop!
  • Opened up the first ever call for submissions for a Reader Curated Edition of the Weekly Roundup! If you have a story, article, brand, product or cause you’d like me to consider including in next Friday’s Roundup – please email it to me! meghan [@] witwhimsy.com! 




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  1. Stephanie says:

    Hi Meghan! I’m loving your posts about getting organized in your new place (drawer organizers, makeup organizers, etc.). I left NYC last week, after 12 years, due to the pandemic and I’m working to get settled into my new place in NC . Your suggestions about what is working for you are so helpful! I can’t wait to see more posts about how you’ve gotten your new apartment organized. A big thank you!

  2. Cara says:

    Hi Meghan!

    I loved Untamed-such a great book . I read it last year and am thinking of re-reading it 🙂
    Also, I started Bling Empire- and just wow is right! I dont even know why I continue to watch it, but its like I can’t not watch it lol Anyways, thanks for the great Weekly Roundup! I always look forward to your posts 🙂

  3. Nancy says:

    I binge watched Bling Empire over two days. Wow is right! You could play a drinking game for every time you see a designer label- get blitzed in under 5 minutes! Very efficient-lol!

  4. Liz C. says:

    Those Kerzon candles look/sound AH-mazing. Do you have a favorite scent? (In other news, I think I have a candle problem.)

    • Meghan says:

      Of the ones they carry the Place Des Vosges is my favorite! But my very favorite if you ever get to the Paris store is called Carrote Sauvage!

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