Things I’ve Bought and Loved Recently

February 1, 2021

Casual Fleece Outfit

It’s time for another edition of Things I’ve Bought & Loved Recently! Truth be told I didn’t shop really at all in January. It was a welcome respite for my credit card after the holiday season and instead I just leaned into using a lot of my favorite things I bought in 2020. That being said I haven’t done a roundup in a while so these items are from the last few months from September onward. Hope you enjoy this latest installment!

Things I’ve Bought and Loved Recently:

J.Crew Polartec Fleece

Casual Fleece Outfit

Casual Fleece Outfit

Reebok Sneakers

If you do any high intensity workouts these shoes are great. Super supportive and really comfortable. These were my favorite Amazon Prime Day purchase of last year.

Athleta Elation Leggings

How do I love these leggings? Let me count the ways. I haven’t loved a pair of leggings like this since I discovered the Lululemon Aligns years ago. But these are so great. The seamless pants look so flattering on, stay up, have the right amount of compression and all around these are perfect for workouts or lounging / running around. They were a favorite purchase of last year.

Aerie Leggings

For a sportier, affordable legging these can do no wrong. I wear them for workouts as they have a bit more of a sleek fabric than a comfy one but they are also great.

Aqua Puff Sleeve Sweater

By now you know me and puff sleeves. And my love has only grown as we’ve lived more on camera these days. This one is great quality – soft and perfectly feminine looking. Size M.

Veja Esplar Sneakers

These sneakers in the beautiful cognac color were such a welcomed addition to my sneaker collection last year. While I still reach for my Common Projects the most given how versatile they are, these Veja sneakers are comfortable and I love the sleek style. They come in a variety of colors but the cognac color paired so well with my Fall wardrobe. I’ll likely buy the black next.

J.Crew Fleece

I’ve been living in this fleece. It’s equal parts vintage and sporty and I just love it. You can see more of my favorite fleeces here. Size M.

Brooklinen Bath Mat*

When I moved my favorite linens brand Brooklinen was kind enough to send me new sheets, towels and this crazy soft + plush bath mat that makes stepping out of the shower or bath oh so cozy.

Knickey Underwear

I love this female founded underwear company that’s making underwear more sustainably and with all organic cotton. Their thongs are crazy comfortable – like so much so I sometimes entirely forget I am wearing underwear. 

Outdoor Voices Everyday Long Sleeve Workout Tee

I can never seem to find workout tops that are long sleeved that aren’t too form fitting. And yet it’s been too cold to even workout in my own apartment in sleeveless lately. So I ordered this tee and love it. It’s perfectly oversized without looking unflattering. It could even be used as a regular tee if layered under sweaters.

Crate and Barrel Lamp

I am so glad I bought this cute lamp to put on my nightstand. It gives the perfect soft glow for reading and is as chic as it is the perfect size.

Ice Cube Molds

It’s old fashioned season! And since I have been trying to recreate the drinks I used to order at our bars for the last year, I decided I’d get chic ice cubes to go with those drinks. These spark a lot of joy and I just love them!

Vitruvi Stone Diffuser

Not only is this diffuser beautiful, I’ve loved adding the ritual of diffusing calming scents in my home back into my routine.

Sherpa Coat

This oversized sherpa coat looks great paired with leggings and sneakers. I sized down to a size Small.

Oversized Cozy Sweater

I love the longer fit of this cozy sweater. It’s flattering on and looks equally great with jeans as it does leggings. I just wore it here.

Core10 High Waist Leggings

I’ve bought  & tried several pairs of Core10 leggings from Amazon and these are by far the best. They are the closest affordable option I’ve found to my favorite Lululemon ones. I sized down to a size S in these.

Naadam Cashmere Hoodie & Cashmere Jogger Set

And then there were two…two of these sets that is! I already owned each piece in a color (charcoal and black) but decided to get a monochromatic color to live in this Winter. I went for the camel and it’s perfect. I wear a L in the hoodie and a S in the joggers.

Zulay Milk Frother

My Nespresso frother had been acting up so I bought one of these little milk frother whisks and OMG it’s great! It works so fast to froth milk for coffees and I just love this inexpensive gadget that won’t take up room in your kitchen. It’s so satisfying to use and I just love it.

Lord Jones CBD Bath Salts

These bath salts smell heavenly and will leave you totally blissed out. For the ultimate luxury, I combine them with my favorite Susanne Kauffman Oil for the Senses. Combining these two bath products and zoning out in a hot bath for 20 minutes is my all time favorite routine to unwind these days.

Kindle Paperweight

I am so glad that two of my friends last year convinced me to finally get a Kindle. I absolutely love reading on it! Much more than I anticipated, in fact. I got the Paperweight which is so unbelievably light and it’s waterproof so I can easily take it in baths with me and stop getting pages wet. I still love reading a hard copy book but I’ve done way more reading lately because of how crazy portable the Kindle is. I can’t recommend it enough.

Kosas Deodorant*

Ah finally a clean deo that holds up during my workouts. This roll on deodorant has no smell which I appreciate and keeps me dry during intense workouts.

Vanity Planet Facial Steamer

With my last facial having been February 2020 and my skin feeling like it needed more TLC, I got this at-home facial steamer after hearing good things from a few girlfriends. It helps open up your pores so you can carefully better clean them out + it allows your products to penetrate better as well. It’s been a nice weekly ritual to make my skin feel and look better.

CB2 Tissue Covers

I love these sleek and chic stainless steel tissue covers that aren’t an eyesore like so many other tissue covers. I got the gray for my bathroom and the gold for my nightstand.

Biossance Squalane + Peptide Eye Gel*

I tested this eye cream for two months and it is great. It really hydrates the under eye area so fine lines look less noticeable and it can be used AM or PM which I appreciate. The gel formula feels great going on and it is really quick to absorb. It also helps puffiness which is usually my biggest issue in the A.M. as I wake up.

Fellow Electric Kettle

I needed to downsize my tea kettle when I moved and found this chic kettle that can sit out and not take up too much room but then I fell in love with its smart features. It lets you set preferred temperatures and will keep your water warm for up to 60 minutes.

Skin Gym Facial Roller Face Sculptor

Oh this thing is pure heaven! I randomly saw it while browsing Credo and then added it to my Christmas list and it has all but cured my jaw pain that I’ve been experiencing for most of the pandemic. If you’re looking for a facial massage you can do yourself at home – Color this my new favorite tool.

Saie Really Great Gloss

I’ve been loving lightweight glosses for WFH days and this gloss in shade EASY is so good. It cushions the lips and feels super hydrating on. While you’re shopping this gloss don’t miss my two holy grail products from this brand!

Laundress Wool and Cashmere Shampoo

I largely stopped dry cleaning anything during last year’s Stay at Home orders and since I am still trying to keep errands to a minimum these days, I started washing my cashmere pieces at home with this shampoo. Like the other Laundress products I’ve been using for years, this is great. Super gentle and my cashmere pieces all came out looking good as new. My life in laundry will never be the same and I know my wallet will be happy for less dry cleaning bills moving forward.

. . .

Have you had a favorite purchase lately? I’d love to hear about it!

p.s. the best beauty products I tried last year and my favorite Amazon purchases of last year.

*Indicates a press sample was provided for review.


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  1. T says:

    Give Athleta’s Salutation leggings a try. They’re the same compression and softness as the Elation but with side pockets.

  2. Kathleen says:

    The Lord Jones CBD bath salts have been a favorite of mine! They really work to ease muscle tension and smell heavenly.

  3. Lucy says:

    Ah! I’ve been wanting to try the Knickey Underwear! Thank you for the recommendation. I too wear thongs and good cotton ones are hard to find! Do you have a code for Knickey? Want to make sure you get credit for the referral! 🙂

    • Meghan says:

      This is so sweet, Lucy! Sadly I don’t have a code & they’re not on any affiliate platforms but thank you for caring about this and asking! Hope you love them – do let me know!

  4. Bets says:

    On the topic of laundry, I purchased a fabric steamer (showing up late to the party here) and it’s been a life changer. Especially for linens and such. Sounds silly but find it a bit therapeutic and gratifying to steam out wrinkles. Can’t remember the last time I’ve taken out my traditional clothes iron.

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