Favorite 2020 Purchases

January 13, 2021

Favorite 2020 Purchases

Up next in Look Back Week are my favorite, favorite purchases of 2020. Like everyone else my shopping habits changed in 2020 so it was an interesting exercise to go through this year’s favorite purchases. As you might suspect, items for the home and comfy clothes reigned supreme. Just a head’s up that this list does not include any favorite beauty products I tried – that roundup is coming tomorrow so keep an eye out! You can read my favorite purchases of 2019 here and in case you missed it – here are my favorite Amazon purchases of 2020.

My Favorite Purchases of 2020:

1. Abercrombie Sherpa Pullover

A quarantine wardrobe staple for me and a favorite for walks. So soft. So cozy and yet still really cute. And super warm! You guys loved this piece so much, too making it a bestseller here for the year. A lot of colors & sizes have been sold out so I hope they restock it! I wear a M. If you want a more affordable option – I have & love this similar one, too. 

2. Rebecca Minkoff Puff Sleeve Sweatshirt

My #1 Zoom top of choice. I loved the ivory so much I bought the black. My BFF as now amassed a collection of these, too. I’m so glad they finally restocked the popular colors! They look so good on camera but you’re comfortable. I wear a M.

3. Night Silk Face Mask

A face mask but make it stylish. Who would have ever thought? I now own these in almost every color and love how secure they are and the fact that they come with filters.

4. FitBit Inspire 2 Fitness Tracker

2020’s time spent at home drove me to finally purchase a fitness tracker. I did a lot of research and chose this one. I’ll have a full review coming in a few weeks but so far I’ve really enjoyed the addition of it to my day.

5. Equilibria CBD Softgels

When my anxiety heightened at the onset of the pandemic, I knew I needed a tool to help me and I turned to CBD. I had been using just CBD drops here and there  but knew I needed more help. I spoke with a dosage consultant and they recommended adding in these daily softgels to have a daily drip of sorts in my system for more calm. They were a lifeline and I’ve been using them ever since. Use code witwhimsy for 15% off your first order. More on my CBD use in 2020 here.

6. Everlane Raglan Sweatshirt

I wore this sporty/chic sweatshirt so.much. this year. I sized up to a Large as it runs rather small but I love the fleece-like texture and how well it pairs with leggings. I first styled it on the blog here

7. Lululemon Energy Longline Bra

In 2020 I went down a rabbit hole of testing lots of sports bras that claimed to be supportive for bigger chests. A lot were returned because they didn’t deliver. But this one did. And as a result it made it into my Best Sports Bras for Bigger Boobs post. It has a super flattering fit. 

8. Athleta Conscious Crop

My friend Carly convinced me I could wear this workout top despite my bigger chest and she was right thanks to the brand’s extended sizes on this popular style. I styled it here. I think it is so flattering and appreciate the extended sizes. For more off duty styles I love it paired with a cardigan. I have since gotten a similar style by Vuori, too.

9. Vuori Energy Top

Hands down my new favorite workout tank. I prefer high neck workout tanks and this one not only has a super flattering fit but it is also made from Vuori’s signature oh-so-soft fabric making it so comfy to wear. It holds up to sweat and I also find myself often reaching for it as a layering piece under favorite fleeces, too.

10. Vuori Performance Joggers

The joggers that started a movement! These were a top seller on wit & whimsy in 2020 and I hear over and over again how much you guys get the hype after you have bought them. Like wearing pajama pants (so, so soft!) but sporty and cute. All my girlfriends now own a pair and we talk non stop about how much we love them.

11. Lululemon Align Jogger

Love, love, love these joggers. They were an early purchase in 2020 (I bought them the moment Lululemon announced them in an email since they are made of the same fabric of my beloved Align leggings). They are a super streamlined fit so they are really chic on and pair well with all my favorite sweaters, jackets & fleeces. I wear them in a size 6.

12. True & Co Lift Scoop Neck Bra

A top 5 purchase of 2020 for me. This supremely comfortable yet actually still supportive bra without underwire is a dream. I wore it non-stop this year and proceeded to buy 3 more similar styles. It keeps selling out for good reason. If you see it in stock – don’t delay. I’ll be buying a new color soon for sure.

13. MM.LaFleur Leslie Tee

This tee was such a pleasant surprise. The brand was kind enough to send it to me and I fell in love. Since I have a bigger chest it’s hard to find t-shirts that are actually flattering on. I absolutely love the fit of it and the thicker, high quality cotton used. It’s great on its own or layered. I first got the black but then got the ivory, too. I wear a size M.

14. Staub Cast Iron Dutch Oven 4qt Coquette

With 2020’s cooking adventures and a great sale, I finally bit the bullet and bought this dutch oven. It brings me a lot of joy to cook in and I am so glad I finally own a proper pot like this. (Want some cooking inspo this season? Check out my favorite comfort food recipes.)

15. Drinking French Book

The book that sparked my Instagram Let’s Make a Drink series! I had such fun reading this book and transporting myself to favorite French cafes and watering holes. The author does a great job explaining all sorts of French drinking traditions alongside divine recipes for everything from coffee drinks to classic cocktails. I reach for this book time and time again and if you’re a fellow Francophile I know you’ll love it as I do!

16. Yeti 20oz Tumbler

Finally got myself the internet favorite Yeti tumbler as I began to frequent coffee shops less and instead use my Nespresso at home more and poured my daily coffee into this for road trips and for my many neighborhood walks. I also now bring it to my favorite local coffee shops to skip the paper cup. I also love that it can go in the dishwasher!

17. Duralex Stacking Bowls

With more cooking and baking at home in 2020 than ever before, I finally bought these French made bowls and they are everything. I love that I have a bowl size for any needs in the kitchen. They are so well made and store well without taking up too much space.


A few additional favorite purchases of 2020:

Night Pillow

With my sleep all out of sorts last year, I decided to try a new pillow and was pleasantly surprised with this memory foam pillow.

Half Baked Harvest Super Simple Cookbook

This was my most used cookbook of 2020! My BFF bought it for me after spotting it on my 2020 Wish List and I turned to it time and time again. The recipes are full of flavor but not overwhelming to make – especially if you’re cooking solo as I was 99% of 2020. There’s a good variety, too. p.s. I shared more favorite cookbooks here.

Target Stars Above Beautifully Soft Pajamas

You guys really delivered with the recommendation of these pajamas. They are GREAT! I’ve been wearing them non stop since getting them and they’ve held up surprisingly well to loads of washing + wear. I wear a size M.

Ear Plugs for Sleeping

I am forever indebted to the blog reader who recommended these after this post! They helped me sleep through noisy neighbors and construction sounds most of 2020. 

Lake Pajamas Robe

I was on the hunt for a crazy soft cotton robe for the first half of 2020 in anticipation of summer’s warmer days at home. I absolutely love my UGG robe that I’ve had for years but it is too warm for Spring & Summer. I ordered several styles and this one by Lake blew all others out of the water. The price is right for the quality and the material is so lovely. I bought it in a size M.

Cocktail Mixing Glass & Strainer

My Let’s Make a Drink Instagram video series sparked a slew of purchases to round out my bar car essentials including this beautiful cocktail mixing glass and strainer that I now use weekly.

Champagne Saucers

Gosh I just love these beautiful glasses. They bring me joy every time I pour some bubbles into them and 2020 sure required a lot of joy from the little things didn’t it? They keep selling out so I found a similar style here.

True & Co Lift Scoop Adjustable Bra

This is another good True & Co bra! It’s not as supportive as the Scoop one above but is great for at-home wear on comfy days.

MM.LaFleur Merritt Jardigan

I love this classic and timeless piece so much that I wrote a whole post dedicated to it. The fit is beautiful and I know it’ll be in my closet for a really long time.

Athleta Elation Tight

A new favorite legging! I haven’t liked a legging this much since I discovered the Lululemon Align leggings several years ago. These are great! Super soft, great compression and so well made. I love that there are no side seams so the fit is super flattering. I sized down to a Small. I’ll definitely be buying another pair this year.

J.Crew Dreamy Cotton Pajamas

This is the best pair of PJs I’ve tried from J.Crew. I have the navy stripes and they are the perfect weight to wear year round. I wear a S.

Dyson Vacuum

I finally get the hype. I didn’t have room to store my upright vacuum when I moved apartments so I bit the bullet during the Labor Day Weekend sales and bought this and now there’s no going back. I love how streamlined it is which makes it ideal for apartments without loads of storage space. And it really, really works so well. I now like vacuuming!? Never thought I’d say the words. 

. . .

For even more Things I”ve Bought and Loved Recently check here. Did you have a favorite purchase of 2020!?

p.s. the most popular things I blogged about in 2020 and my 2020 year in review.

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  1. Cara says:

    Curious what size you went for in the True & Co. bra? Like you, I have a large chest 😉

  2. Juyoung says:

    I definitely want to get a Dutch oven this year! What made you choose Staub over Le Creuset?

    • Meghan says:

      I have a few French friends that recommended the brand and that particular size! I also wanted to leave it out atop my stove and loved how the matte black looked!

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