w&w gift guide 2010: 03: for the traveling gal

November 30, 2010

  1. Sabina Les scarf, $150
  2. Marc by Marc Jacobs headphones, $75
  3. Kate Spade Anne personal Organizer, $95
  4. Benefit Cosmetics’ Bright Lights, Big City, $48
  5. Rebecca Minkoff iPad case, $125
  6. Get Carried Away Designer Zip Seal Bags, $6 for 25
  7. Ray-Ban Aviators, $139
  8. Brookestone NAP Pillow, $29.95

2010 has been a year of non-stop travel for me it feels like. I’ve been to New York more times than I can count, Las Vegas, Chicago and LA multiple times each, Mexico, Toronto, Washington DC, Lake Tahoe, Denver, Seattle and will be in Dallas tomorrow. Racking up the miles has made me think of all things I love having at hand when bouncing from airport to airport and those things I’m quite sure I would make excellent use of that I don’t already have.

So whether it’s Benefit’s Eye Bright that’s a godsend for early mornings after long flights, my go-to Ray Bans or items to make the trip a bit more stylish like Rebecca Minkoff’s iPad case or Marc by Marc’s funky retro headphones, any of these items are sure to make that girl you know who’s always flying high in the skies one happy, traveling trooper. (Seriously, take it from one who knows it :))

For more travel tips, be sure to check out some of the things I swear by when it comes to making it as painless as possible.

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  1. Sabina Les via Facebook says:

    Thank you!:)

  2. Virginia says:

    adorable. love the MJ headphones

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