5 Ways to Be More Fresh-Faced this Spring

April 4, 2016

5 Tips for Being Fresh Faced

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I am one that always looks forward to spring cleaning. I do it to my apartment (bedroom in particular), to my wardrobe and to my beauty routine. I play a series game of “Keep?” or “Toss?” with myself and after recently reading this book, I was even more game to spring clean this past weekend.

So in the spirit of spring cleaning your beauty products, I am sharing 5 tips to be more fresh-faced this season. It’s time to dust off that routine of yours!

1. Hydrate

Upon being in Colorado last week I was reminded of what staying hydrated can do for your skin. Given the altitude, you always have to be sure to be drinking a ton of water and guess what? Upon arrival, I hit the slopes and preferenced other beverages instead of water and the following day I paid for it. I felt dizzy, nauseas and had a horrific headache. Having grown up going out to Colorado and previously been a victim of altitude sickness, I knew how to cure myself and chugged (and I mean chugged) glass after glass of water. Not only did I feel better shortly thereafter but my skin the next day was GLOWING. It was the first time it felt truly hydrated in months and was so soft to the touch. Lesson learned…drink more throughout the day than you think you may need. Many parts of your body will benefit!

2. Exfoliate

I’m always surprised when girlfriends reveal they don’t exfoliate regularly. I love nothing more than applying a gentle exfoliator in the shower and seeing my skin get more clear. It’s like a mini at home facial to polish skin right up. It’ll help your products be better absorbed, too once they have a better surface to work with!

3. Swap Foundation for BB Cream

No need for heavy foundation this time of year – let your skin breath. Swap out your regular foundation for a lighter weight BB Cream like Burt’s Bees’ new one. As you apply it, it’ll even out your skin tone, moisturize, firm + conceal all in a few swipes. Not to mention it has SPF 15 which is good if you are fair skinned like me. It comes in 3 shades so you can easily tone-match while you smooth out fine lines and wrinkles. Anything that makes getting out the door in the morning I’m a fan of so if you’re not already using a BB Cream, get on it.

4. Ditch the bold lip

I’m all for a fun, color-popping pout when the occasion calls for it but this season I am going to let my skin do the talking and reach for more neutral and pale pink lip colors like in today’s look. I also have a post drafted to share soon about my favorite lip colors so keep an eye out for that!

5. Make facials part of your routine

Ever since I started getting facials once a quarter, my skin has benefitted. It’s the spring cleaning of your pores this time of year, really. A good deep clean + extractions + a mask or two = glowing skin and the perfect foundation for your more natural, radiant makeup routine we are now embracing as a group, riiiiight?

Burt's Bees BB Cream


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