Finding the Little Comforts

November 18, 2020

Finding the Little Comforts

The last few weeks have been really hard for me emotionally. Between election stress and pandemic fatigue and frustration watching so much selfish behavior here in the States and the uncertainty around what the holidays look like along with being alone for Thanksgiving – it’s all feeling like too much to bear. 

I know that whenever I feel like life is too uncertain – too hard, I have to turn inwards and practice more gratitude and turn to the little comforts. These little comforts are mini forms of self care and they are just so important I find to getting through the day with the acknowledgment of things that are going well – when larger forces out of our control seem so overwhelming. 

Finding the Little Comforts

Finding the Little Comforts

Madewell Jeans I wit & whimsy

Cuyana Cashmere Sweater I wit & whimsy

Fall Neutrals I wit & whimsy

Madewell Jeans I wit & whimsy

Finding the Little Comforts

So what are the type of little comforts keeping me company and bringing me small moments of joy right now?

  • Comfort food recipes. (These are my favorites).
  • Cozy candles. (All my holiday favorites especially right now).
  • Nightly hot baths with Susanne Kaufman’s Oil for the Senses. Truly one of the most relaxing luxuries.
  • Warm chocolate chip cookies.
  • New romantic comedy books.
  • FaceTimes with friends.
  • Crisp, fresh linens fresh from the laundry.
  • Weekend naps with the windows open.
  • Long walks in Central Park.
  • Reader comments on blog posts.
  • Cold champagne.
  • Popcorn in bed with FRIENDS episodes.
  • Morning coffees in pajamas.
  • Staying in bed just a little longer.
  • Seeing holiday decorations going up in NYC.
  • Cozy pajamas.

In tomorrow’s blog post I am going to have a lot of ideas for how to find calm this holiday season, too! It was therapeutic for me to put together as I battle my increased anxiety of late and I’m hopeful you guys will find it helpful as well. 

Do you have any little comforts you can share?

Cuyana Cashmere Sweater (M) // Sezane Hamptons Coat (40; last seen here) // Madewell Cropped Distressed Slim Leg Jeans (27) // Marc Fisher Boots


p.s. a lot of other great coat and cashmere recs and how I’m getting dressed these days.

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  1. Deanna Debrecht says:

    I am feeling so many of the same things…watching us go from 10 million cases to 11 million cases in SIX days is causing so much anxiety! Our daughter will be alone on Thanksgiving in Miami, and my heart is aching for her. We are going to set up a Zoom call with her on Thanksgiving Day so we will eat together, at least.

    The small things giving me comfort right now are meeting up with a couple of friends for backyard coffee dates, petting my dog (he doesn’t cuddle, but he’ll sit next to me and let me pet him which is soothing), going for hikes with my son, and reading…I’ve done SO much reading this year! Hoping you end up having a lovely Thanksgiving Day connecting with friends and family virtually!

  2. Christine says:

    I hear that it’s been hard for you and I’m sorry. It’s been a hard year and we are in need of relief. We need joy and peace and kindness. And hope that there is something better around the corner. You are not alone. It’s been tough. I too don’t feel like myself these days and have found it harder to feel centered.
    I’ve been coping by baking (I made low fat pomegranate scones yesterday), cooking fall inspired recipes, having my weekly therapy session, reading, going on my morning walk, lighting candles, and starting to decorate for Christmas.

    • Meghan says:

      “Relief” is definitely what we need. This just feels like the longest marathon no one signed up for. Love that you’re using baking as a way to feel better – I, too find it very therapeutic.

  3. Molly says:

    It’s been such a hard year, and only going to get worse for so many folks as winter sets in. I so appreciate you being open and sharing your struggles, I think people are afraid to deeply feel their emotions right now, let alone share them. I am grateful to have a place to go on a daily basis (I’m a medical student and I’m still seeing patients for the time being…might change as cases increase in my area) but find myself beyond mad at the end of the day when I head home and still see people without masks and gathering inside restaurants (I’m in Florida and idiocy is the name of the game here right now…). So I’ve been finding comfort in a long walk with a podcast for company (loving Dolly Parton’s America right now!), reading a book in bed at 7pm with a glass of wine, lighting a candle and cooking a yummy dinner, or zoning out to Crazy Rich Asians for the 100th time. I also love searching your blog for home decor/kitchen ideas – a little retail therapy is comforting too 🙂

  4. Meredith says:

    Coffee creamers. (And right now every holiday-flavored one!) Honest to goodness if I have a ton of different choices in my fridge it makes the mornings seem so much better. I think it’s the breaking up of the routine every morning?

    We just made the (mutual) decision to not have my parents over for thanksgiving, and I had a good cry. It’s just going to be different this year for sure. Thankful for so many things (one being your blog and your very refreshing honesty) but most of all thankful for the scientists that are working behind the scenes on a potential vaccine. Finding comfort in that this afternoon too!

    • Meghan says:

      I don’t use coffee creamer but your enthusiasm is making me reconsider! It really is the little things right!? Thank you for sharing, Meredith – we’re in this together

  5. Brigid says:

    I’ve actually been thinking a lot about you lately (is that weird given I don’t know you?!). I’m single, live alone in a large city, but I’m fortunate to be near family. Even so (and only a week away…), I’m not sure what my Thanksgiving will look like. I see all these Instagram polls asking people about their holiday plans and I don’t feel like I fit into any of the categories. And nothing feels right anymore. Every time I see a story or post of yours, I think about how you have handled this year with such grace, but how it must be so difficult being away from your family, especially now. I’m not sure how you plan to spend your holidays, but I truly hope you are able to do something that brings you joy and comfort. Sending you love.

    xx Brigid

    • Meghan says:

      Well you’ve got me tearing up, Brigid! Thank you so much for this thoughtful comment. I had the same thought the other day when I saw someone post a poll and “alone” wasn’t an option. I thought “must be nice to not even have that in your consideration set.” It’s so hard. I’m praying I’ll see loved ones for Christmas but also just don’t have the slightest idea whether it’ll happen and it’s left me with lots of sadness and lots of tears. Sending you love!

  6. Sarah says:

    I think because her list was full of little comforts too- this post reminds me of Nora Ephron’s “things I will miss” that she wrote before she passed. It’s such a simple and beautiful piece that makes me laugh and cry at the same time.

  7. Sabrina says:

    I texted a friend yesterday saying “I don’t want to work today, I want to lay in bed watching Friends”

    I don’t want network tv often but a few weeks back my friend has TBS on and I got hooked on Friends again. I’m going to start at the beginning.

    Where do you watch? Do you own them all?

  8. Melanie says:

    I like to sit in my backyard with a cup of coffee and leave my phone in the house… just listen to the noises of nature (and my neighbors! Right now someone is leaf blowing, lol). It’s nice to spend a few minutes disconnected from the Internet.

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