Summer Cocktails to Try

July 13, 2021

Summer Cocktails to Try

Summer is one of my favorite time to sip on cocktails because the opportunities for something fresh, something light or something fruity are seemingly endless.

While my Instagram Let’s Make a Drink series is on hiatus, I thought it would be fun to roundup some of my go-to drinks that I order and make all summer long. I hope you enjoy watching my spin on each of these drinks and that this post inspires you to try something new!

Summer Cocktails to Try

Summer Cocktails to Try

Summer Cocktails to Try

The French 75

Sweet and bubbly yet tart and unexpected, the French 75 is one of my favorite celebratory drinks. I have to say – I think my recipe is pretty close to perfect!


My sangria recipe is loaded with fruit and has a ginger zing to it that makes it memorable.

Boozy Lemonade

A summertime classic but give it a kick!

The Hugo Spritz

What’s not to love about prosecco and basil and elderflower and lime? This may just become your favorite drink.

The Aperol Spritz & The Negroni Spritz

It’s not summer if I’m not having an Aperol Spritz every week. But did you know there are many ways to spritz? Here are two great ways!

The Gin Gimlet

Gimlets are so easy to make and always so nice to sip on a hot day. Commit the recipe to memory and you’ll always make a great hostess.

The Porto Tonico

I spent a week in Portugal in 2018 drinking nothing but water and Porto Tonicos. Sweet port combines with tonic and fresh garnishes for an easy sipping spritz type cocktail.

The Moscow Mule

I first fell in love with Moscow Mules when living in San Francisco as an early 20-something so they always bring a smile to my face. The ginger-y zing of these drinks make them super refreshing.

Pimm’s Cup

One of my all time favorite summer drinks! It always reminds me of happy memories made in London and you can’t beat a drink that doubles as a light snack thanks to it being loaded with fruit!

The Bee’s Knees

Summer in a glass! The Bee’s knees is one of my most popular drinks I’ve ever shared. Lots of fresh lemon juice and a honey syrup make this a winner.


My sister in law Annie’s favorite drink has become one of my favorites over the year’s, too! Tart and oh-so refreshing.

The Margarita (Two Ways)

I gotta say – my take on a spicy margarita is pretty to die for. Mango + Jalapeno!? Yes, please! This episode also features my take on a skinny marg that’s so easy and so delicious without being overly sweet!

. . .

I’d love to know – what’s your favorite summer cocktail?

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