Summer in Scotland Packing List

August 2, 2022

Scotland Summer Packing List

I am so looking forward to getting back to Scotland this week. My brother and sister in law moved to Edinburgh in 2019 and I’ve only had the chance to visit once in the Fall of 2021. This stay will be a longer one and I’m excited to be able to explore both Edinburgh more and a few spots elsewhere in Scotland. 

If you, too, have a trip to a destination that won’t be too warm on your summer travel list this year, this packing list for Scotland should be helpful. This trip is going to be a low key one so my suitcase is full of comfy, casual yet easily mixed & matched pieces. Most important on my itinerary is time with my family and soaking up lots of smiles from my little niece. 

Summer in Scotland Packing List

1. Easy Dresses

For warmer days and for base layers I am packing several of my favorite easy summer dresses. More affordable dresses.

2. Favorite T-Shirt

I always pack a black t-shirt and a white t-shirt when I travel for easy layering and often for traveling in, too under a sweater. 

3.Denim Jacket

I always pack a denim jacket to wear over dresses and my workout clothes when traveling during summer months.

4. Utility Jacket

A utility jacket is a summer staple for me. Easy to throw on as an added layer and lightweight enough to travel easily with.

5. APL Sneakers

Scotland has loads of great hikes and so much of the great outdoors to enjoy. These stylish sneakers are my go-tos for being sporty yet perfect for athleisure looks as well.

6. Sunglasses

I always travel with a couple pairs of sunglasses and hope for the best with some sun in Scotland.

7. Denim Shorts

Part of my summer uniform. I love to pair mine with a linen button down.

8. Vuori Joggers

My very favorite joggers (and they’re also internet famous!) are always in my suitcase for trips where I’ll be being active. They are also perfect for flying to/from your destination. Read my Vuori Review.

9. Belt

This belt is the perfect topper for dresses. I love it so much I own it in two colors. (Size M).

10. Sleek Sneakers

I never travel without my favorite sleek sneakers. They go with jeans, sneakers and dresses seamlessly and these shoes are so comfortable for days full of walking.

11. Belt Bag

This bag is perfect for travel because it can be worn three ways. I wear it most crossbody but I also love that it converts easily to be a belt bag (aka an updated fanny pack!)

12.Workout Tops

This super soft workout top is a favorite of mine for hikes and coffee runs when I travel. It pairs perfectly with the Vuori Joggers.

13. Jeans

For cooler days I’m throwing in a pair of jeans that are easy to style.

14. Leggings

Be ready for hikes or yoga in the valley with a favorite pair of leggings.

15. Puffer Jacket

I always have a lightweight puffer jacket for chillier mornings in destinations like Edinburgh and this one packs up so well. I also love that it comes in loads of colors and is super affordable.


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  1. Lindsay says:

    Enjoy Scotland! I lived in Edinburgh for a few years and these are great choices. If you’re looking to shop in Edinburgh at all, Epitome have some great brands like APC and it’s in the really pretty, quieter Georgian new town, ( Gleneagles in Perthshire for a really picturesque country walk and afternoon tea is great for a jaunt further afield! Enjoy

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