Vail Summer Packing List

August 10, 2023

Vail Summer Packing List

The Vail Valley is best known for its ski resort and amazing skiing and snowboarding, but visiting in the summer is incredible, too. Blue skies for days, great food, loads of hiking, horseback riding, wildlife viewings, wildflowers, fishing, whitewater rafting – there’s no limit to ways to enjoy the Rocky Mountains. If you’re someone who loves spending time in the great outdoors, Vail is a wonderful place to add to your summer travel list.

I grew up going to Vail nearly every summer and now I treasure any summer that allows me to get back to the beauty that the valley holds. It’s such a happy place for me – year round.

Following the success of my Vail Ski Trip Packing List and Vail Valley Travel Guide, I wanted to put together some recommendations if you’re heading to the Valley for the summer. Here’s a look at what I always pack when I head to Vail in the summer.

Vail is casual, particularly in summertime and people spend a lot of time being active and enjoying Mother Nature so this packing list will get you started with what you want to be sure to have on hand! I like to have pieces that mix and match well and you’ll want to account for a great variation in the temperatures from morning to evening.

Vail Summer Packing List

1. Denim Jacket

I always pack a denim jacket to wear over summer dresses and my workout clothes. Wearing a dress with a denim jacket is my usual go-to for daytime excursions in Vail like exploring the village or going to the farmer’s markets. 

2. Easy Dresses

Be sure to pack some easy and casual dresses for lunches in the sun. This affordable one from Amazon is a go-to for me all summer and I often top it with a belt for a more elevated look. It comes in a variety of colors and patterns and I own it in two colors in a size M. Even more summer dresses.

3. Puffer Jacket

I always have a lightweight puffer jacket for chillier mornings (staying warm is key!) and this one packs up so well. And I also love that it comes in loads of colors and is super affordable. I own the M. There is also a version with a hood if you’d prefer that.

4. Leggings

Be ready for hikes or yoga in the valley with a favorite pair of leggings.

5. Vuori Joggers

My very favorite joggers (and they’re also internet famous!) are always in my suitcase to head to Vail.

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6. Workout Tops

This super soft workout top is a favorite of mine for hikes in the valley.

7. Swimsuit

Lots of hotels in the Vail Valley boast a pool you can soak up the mountain rays at so pack a suit!

8. Sunglasses

Be sure to pack sunglasses you can wear sun up to sun down.

9. Converse Sneakers

Classics that go with everything.

10. Denim Shorts

Part of my Vail summer uniform. I love to pair mine with a linen button down.

11. Bike Short

It can get hot by mid-day in the valley so you may want a pair of shorts for your workouts.

12. SPF

You’re at a really high altitude in Vail and the sun’s rays are super strong so be sure to be applying SPF every day. This one is my favorite for every day. Even more of my go to sunscreens are HERE.

13. Ball Cap

I always have a ball cap ready for sun protection while on hikes or at the pool.

14. APL Sneakers

There’s nothing better than hikes in Colorado in the summer. There are so many to choose from and you’ll want comfy yet stylish sneakers that can go from the hikes to athleisure easily. This style is my personal favorite and I recommend sizing down half a size in this brand.

15. Fleece Sweatshirt

I love my Dudley Stephens tops so much and I always pack one in my suitcase for staying warm on cool Vail mornings and evenings. They are so soft and cozy and perfect for over pajamas for your morning coffee on a crisp morning.

16. Water Bottle

Vail is at a higher elevation and therefore the threat of altitude sickness is a very real thing so you’ll want to be drinking way more water than you’re used to. Keep a water bottle at the ready to stay hydrated. This one is unique in that it gets rid of any bacteria.

Whenever I arrive to the Vail Valley, I chug at least 32oz of water to ensure I am starting to get my body hydrated. If you start to feel overly tired, dizzy or nauseous while visiting, you may be experiencing the early effects of altitude sickness. 

. . .

Have you been to Vail? Let me know if you found this packing list helpful!

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