My Summer Wish List

June 20, 2019

Polka Dot Dress Belted I My Summer Wardrobe Wish List

My Summer Wardrobe Wish List

Spring and Summer are some of my favorite times to shop because I am all about eyelet, little white dresses and cute sandals. But this summer I am trying to be a bit more frugal and a bit more purposeful with what I buy. (Especially because I allowed myself to get some pieces for my Provence trip!) For the rest of summer I am going to prioritize pieces and things I can wear a lot and a lot of ways vs. getting lots of new things.

Shopping on the Fly I My Summer Wardrobe Wish List | wit & whimsy

Meghan Donovan I My Summer Wardrobe Wish List

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Polka Dot Belted Dress for summer

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My Summer Wardrobe Wish List

My Summer Wardrobe Wish List

Do you guys remember when I partnered with Ibotta during the holiday season to share online shopping tips?

Well I’m excited to be sharing a new feature today that they launched for the app recently. Now you can use Pay with Ibotta at a variety of retailers you’re already shopping at like Banana Republic, Bed, Bath & Beyond, American Eagle (my favorite underwear – as an aside), Gap, Old Navy, Sephora and Ulta; among others. You just link a debit or credit card within the app and then you can seamlessly check out in-app and earn instant cash back. Growing up with a mom who loved the thrill of a good sale (and great discounted finds at stores like TJ Maxx), I see the cash back as a little shopping thrill. And money you can store away for a rainy day when there’s something special you want to buy!

Via Ibotta (over croissants at my favorite spot, La Mercerie!) I recently nabbed Tan Luxe’s The Gradual self tanner (I have The Face and love it mixed with my favorite daytime moisturizer) and a restock on my favorite Stila Huge mascara from Ulta and added cash to my Ibotta balance thanks to the instant cash back rewards. I store this money and use it as a reward to buy something I’ve been wanting but don’t actually need :). (See how good I am at justification!?) Finding a new, GREAT self tanner had been on my list for a while and I used it just before I left for Provence and was literally giddy with the results. (This NEVER happens for me with self tanner!) I applied it twice in one day a few hours apart and couldn’t believe how naturally good it looked.

As for what else is on my summer wish list? See below!

And if you want to get in on the cash back, you can download Ibotta here. (Another favorite feature is that they send you push notifications of special promotions with extra cash back and bonuses!)

  • These jeans are so classic and in a silhouette that always makes me feel confident. I also like the more summery wash of these.
  • This cute blouse I know I’d get a lot of wear out of.
  • And this blouse that looks so good with jeans and can be dressed up or down.
  • This chic and versatile jumpsuit.
  • These dainty earrings will look so pretty with tank tops and dresses. (Also love the look of these.)
  • This hat. My favorite straw hat is looking a bit worse for the ear after many years of use so I’m about due for a new one.
  • These cute PJs will be perfect for warmer nights and also for travel.
  • I am eyeing these sandals as they’re a less expensive version of the famed Saint Laurent ones.
  • These casual shorts that I’d pair with more feminine tops.

I have a lot of staples for Summer already in my closet but feel like the above will be such good and purposeful additions to be on heavy rotation. I’m going to really try and limit the amount of fast fashion I buy and rather focus on investment pieces I know I’ll wear again and again. I’m definitely a creature of habit when it comes to summer dressing.

What’s on your guys’ wish list for this season?

. . .

Polka Dot Dress (also loving this one, this one & this one) // Ruffle Slide Sandals (last seen here, here) // Staud Bag (seen here, here, here) // Belt

p.s. my Summer bucket list and some of my warm weather favorites already in my closet.

Thanks to Ibotta for sponsoring this post. All Ibotta offers were valid as of publish date. Don’t forget to check your app for details as offers change frequently and may not be available in all areas. I appreciate you supporting brands that wit & whimsy partners with!

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6 comments on “My Summer Wish List”

  1. You look so happy and lovely in these photos! Downloading Ibotta now. I used to use it when I was in college but this sounds way easier!

  2. Hello! Reaching out to ask how you discovered what clothes you felt your best in and how you developed your style from there. Do you feel that style should be dependent on where you live such as New York vs. Utah? Or the type of career you have? Or something else? I have moved around a lot these past few years : Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, and now a suburb in Utah. I felt that in every city I have lived in, I kept changing in my “style”. But, I feel really lost with it and ended up spending so much money on clothes unnecessarily. Any advice?? Thank you and as always, I appreciate your content 🙂

    1. Totally understand this feeling, Alisha! For sure my style has evolved based on location, age, career, etc. Nowadays I really try to buy things that are investment pieces that will wear well lots over time and can be worn a myriad of ways. It’s why I have a largely neutral wardrobe with a lot of the same silhouettes. I want to have pieces that are versatile and won’t show wear and tear easily (it’s why I buy some more expensive labels at times because I want them to withstand a lot of wear). I also want pieces that I can wear at night and on weekends OR to meetings. I try to stay away from trendy pieces and fast fashion if I can because I know I’ll just end up donating those items in a year or two. I also always look for COMFORT. If something is a pain to wear, I won’t reach for it often. I hope that helps!!

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