My Summer Wardrobe Wish List

June 8, 2022

Summer Wish List

My Summer Wardrobe Wish List

Tis the season of stripes and eyelet and linen and sandals and breezy dresses! For the rest of summer I am going to prioritize pieces and things I can wear a lot and a lot of ways vs. getting lots of new things.

I always enjoy putting together wish list posts for you guys so you can see what I am eyeing and buying for the season.

I hope you’ll find this inspiring as you shop for the summer season! These posts really do serve as a way to have me be more intentional with my buying.

And a friendly reminder you can see and shop all my latest outfits here.

1. Jenni Kayne Polka Dot Slip Dress

As soon as I saw this new arrival from Jenni Kayne I added it to my wish list. Such a perfect little summer dress and the polka dots give me major Pretty Woman vibes.

2. Jenni Kayne Striped Crewneck Sweater

I live for summer knits in lightweight fabrics and you also know my love of striped sweaters. I am eyeing this new one from Jenni Kayne who makes some of my very favorite knits.

3. Jenni Kayne Striped Tee

I love the green stripes on this tee – it’s a color combo I think I’d wear so much this summer particularly to pair with my favorite denim shorts.

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4. Clare V Woven Tote

How cute is this little woven tote? Perfectly practical and a great neutral to go with everything this summer.

5. A.P.C Grace Bag

I haven’t stopped thinking about this bag since I put it in a Weekly Roundup earlier this season! It gives me Celine Box Bag vibes but is under 4-figures. It just looks so timeless and chic. It comes in several colors but I am eyeing the black.

6. Sarah Flint Sandals

You know my love of Sarah Flint shoes so no surprise that the new sandal she released last year is on my wish list!

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7. AYR Shorts

I’ve loved the purchases I have made from AYR this year (this dress, this dress and these jeans) so I just added the shorts to my wish list. They look like such a flattering length.

8. Oura Ring

After two years of not the best sleep thanks to pandemic anxiety, I’m super intrigued by this sleep tracking ring.

9. Kinn Studio Locket

I’d like to add a locket to my necklace rotation in my everyday jewelry and have settled on this one by a brand I love.

10. Gucci Straw Hat

To know me is to know I believe seeing bees is a sign of good things to come. I love the idea of having this little symbol on a timeless headpiece I’d wear all Spring and Summer.

11. Jenni Kayne Boyfriend Shirt

This easy, tomboy inspired style is the perfect throw on and go style all year round. I’ve had this piece on my list for a while! Do any of you have it!?

. . .

I have a lot of staples for Summer already in my closet but feel like the above will be such good and purposeful additions to be on heavy rotation. I’m going to really try and limit the amount of fast fashion I buy and rather focus on investment pieces I know I’ll wear again and again. I’m definitely a creature of habit when it comes to summer dressing.

What’s on your guys’ wish list for this season?

. . .

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  1. This whole look… very Parisian, very you.

  2. Melanie says:

    You look so happy and lovely in these photos! Downloading Ibotta now. I used to use it when I was in college but this sounds way easier!

  3. Alisha says:

    Hello! Reaching out to ask how you discovered what clothes you felt your best in and how you developed your style from there. Do you feel that style should be dependent on where you live such as New York vs. Utah? Or the type of career you have? Or something else? I have moved around a lot these past few years : Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, and now a suburb in Utah. I felt that in every city I have lived in, I kept changing in my “style”. But, I feel really lost with it and ended up spending so much money on clothes unnecessarily. Any advice?? Thank you and as always, I appreciate your content 🙂

    • Meghan says:

      Totally understand this feeling, Alisha! For sure my style has evolved based on location, age, career, etc. Nowadays I really try to buy things that are investment pieces that will wear well lots over time and can be worn a myriad of ways. It’s why I have a largely neutral wardrobe with a lot of the same silhouettes. I want to have pieces that are versatile and won’t show wear and tear easily (it’s why I buy some more expensive labels at times because I want them to withstand a lot of wear). I also want pieces that I can wear at night and on weekends OR to meetings. I try to stay away from trendy pieces and fast fashion if I can because I know I’ll just end up donating those items in a year or two. I also always look for COMFORT. If something is a pain to wear, I won’t reach for it often. I hope that helps!!

  4. Amy Hecht says:

    Thank you for your newsletter each week, it has taught me to invest in quality pieces in my favorite neutrals and hold off on impulse trendy purchases.

  5. Jenifer says:

    I’d love to shop in your closet! I have a similar Jenni Kayne striped tee like the one you have posted above, it’s more sweater-like, fitted and shorter than their other tee type sweaters,

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