The last few years I’ve had fun doing one final *sort of* gift guide post-Christmas with a few ideas to gift yourself as all the sales once again start up or really if you just want to treat yourself.  This year’s inclusions are basically a list of things I own and love and can’t recommend […]


Gift Ideas for Yourself + Some Noteworthy After Christmas Sales


December 26, 2022

Amazon Holiday Gifts

Gift Ideas from Amazon


December 5, 2022

With ongoing shipping delays and inventory issues, I know a lot of us will be turning to Amazon for some of that more reliable shipping services. That’s why this season I am once again doing a dedicated Amazon Gift Picks gift guide. I aimed to choose things that should have good inventory and I hope […]

Today’s gift guides are all about fun little finds for the season that are at the perfect price point. Most inclusions today are under $25 and just a few of the stocking stuffers are a bit more but everything is under $75 and worthwhile for those little gifts that make an impact. A lot of […]

Stocking Stuffer Gift Ideas

Affordable Gifts For Under $25 & Stocking Stuffers


December 1, 2022

Gift Ideas for Girlfriends

Under $100 Gifts for your Girlfriends


November 21, 2022

Nothing like finding great gifts for your girlfriends this time of year that’ll acknowledge to them how much better life is with them in it…am I right? I absolutely love the gifts I found for this year’s girlfriends gift guide and everything is under $100. Despite that though – no feeling of luxury is spared. […]

Ever since becoming a small business owner myself back in 2016, I’ve been much more keen on supporting others who are waking up every morning, being their own bosses, working so hard and pursuing their dreams. In today’s age of shopping I think it’s even more important to support small businesses so today I’m looking […]

Small Business Gift Guide

Gift Ideas from Small Businesses


November 14, 2022

Francophile Gift Guide

Gifts for The Francophiles


November 9, 2022

I’m excited to unveil my fourth annual gift guide devoted to fellow Francophiles! Not sure what a Francophile is? It is someone who loves all things French! Culture, recipes, traditions – you name it. And after all what’s not to love about being a Francophile? I first fell in love with the French way of […]