The recent temperatures and wind chills in New York have made a simple errand down the block seem like an Olympic sport. These have been some of the coldest days I’ve experienced since moving to New York a decade ago and man, has dressing these days become tough. 

Everlane Puffer - What to Wear When Its Freezing in Winter

What to Wear When It’s Freezing in Winter


December 20, 2021

Classic Fall Colors Outfit I wit & whimsy

Comfort Season


October 14, 2019

The other day I heard the term “comfort season” and thought it perfectly described all the reasons I love this time of year. I had a weekend full of comfort season moments and I so enjoyed soaking up some of my favorite Fall traditions.

Plaid Coat and Booties I wit & whimsy

To Dos


December 6, 2018

“Don’t you just love New York in the Fall?” That’s my favorite line from You’ve Got Mail. It perfectly encapsulates what I want to say to every stranger on the street for the blissful few weeks we’re blessed with Fall. As I write this though it already feels like a distant memory.

I can’t explain the feeling but ever since I returned from Paris I’ve felt this sense of excitement in the air. Maybe it was the cooler temperatures I returned home to but I’ve had this pep in my step as I look towards the next few months.

Fall Neutrals I wit & whimsy

Why I’m Looking Forward to the Next Few Months


October 24, 2018

All White + Eyelet Warm Weather Vacation Looks

All About Summer Eyelet


August 7, 2018

Happy Tuesday! I had every intention of having a post up yesterday but after a great weekend celebrating my brother + his new wife and then a very long trip home from Oregon (including sitting on the JFK tarmac for an hour with no air upon arrival…!) I was so beat and took yesterday to […]