What to Wear When It’s Freezing in Winter

January 9, 2018

Everlane PufferThe recent temperatures and wind chills in New York have made a simple errand down the block seem like an Olympic sport. These have been some of the coldest days I’ve experienced since moving to New York nearly seven years ago and man, has dressing these days become tough. So today I figured I’d share how I’m dressing for the cold for those of you who are also experiencing the big chill!

Meghan Donovan styles Everlane's puffer jacket

First up: BASE LAYERS! Before I went to Colorado I finally went to Uniqlo and checked out their HeatTech selection that I’ve been hearing so much about. After borrowing my mom’s long underwear the past two ski seasons I figured she’d probably be happy if I showed up with some of my own so I went and bought a top and leggings and also ended up getting a turtleneck for non-ski days and also impulse bought a pair of socks. And I’ve gotta say…it was worth every dollar. (It is also really affordable which I appreciate. If you decide to buy some HeatTech I’d recommend sizing up. I was far more comfortable in the Large tops than the Mediums).

LL.Bean Boots I wit & whimsy

Secondly: Sweaters & Outerwear. I have got my entire sweater collection on rotation. A few warm favorites have been this, this & this. I’ve been topping those sweaters with this puffer (which I previously used to reserve for wearing when it was really, really cold but like, that’s been ever day!) and then this Everlane puffer is a great option for more casual outfits and I really love it for errands in my neighborhood and going to/from workouts. Of course I also pile on a giant scarf (my collection is slightly out of control but I like options for accessorizing with purpose!) and a pair of gloves, too.

LL. Bean Boots I @meghandono

Finally, footwear: Last year I bought L.L. Bean boots at the tail end of the season and thank god I did because they have definitely gotten a workout this winter! While they don’t keep your feet very warm they are great for trekking in the snow and a little less bulky than my bigger snow boots that I pull out when the going gets really tough (and that really do keep my feet toasty). I also am so glad I bought these last month because they feel a little more chic with normal outfits when you’re battling snow days but still have places to get to and meetings to show up to. I’ve also lived in my UGG boots the past few years – especially when going to/from workouts when I don’t want to lace anything up and want to seamlessly slip in / out of them. Plus you know, #warmth.

Meghan Donovan styles Everlane's puffer jacket

H&M Sweater // Everlane Puffer (c/o – available in 3 colors + a long version) // Jeans // LL. Bean Boots // Scarf

p.s. a few things I love about winter and a cozy, casual outfit.

[Bekka Palmer Photography]

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2 comments on “What to Wear When It’s Freezing in Winter”

  1. the 30-40 degree weather has felt like a heat wave compared to the past few weeks! this is the first time i’m hearing of the uniqlo heattech line. i’ll totally have to check it out! warm base layers are a must.

    1. SO crazy that 30s to 40s feels like a heat wave but truly couldn’t agree more! DEFINITELY try out heattech as a boston girl! It’s been saving me these past few weeks and I’m only regretful I waited so many years to buy it!

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