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March 10, 2023

Baguette Croissant Petit Dejeuner

It was a busy, busy week around these parts as I dove fully back in to loads of work projects while attempting to reset after a month of travel.

A priority this week was to continue to fine tune January’s site redesign. Now that I have had dedicated time back in front of a computer, I’ve working on finessing a few final things but this week getting Meghan’s Closet in The Shop re-launched was a priority. For years I have wanted to make this page more helpful and I’m so excited to share that you can now shop my closet by *category*! Less scrolling to find what you’re looking for. I hope this will majorly help when you guys are looking for specific items or just need inspiration for your own wardrobe update. Next up? I will be adding sizing and coloration context as needed / is helpful. A bit more below on why this all took so long to do. I so hope you guys are enjoying the new site! (And thanks to all who gave feedback as we worked to tweak and perfect things!)

This week I also put the finishing touches on my big Spring Shopping Edit PDF and it’s going out to newsletter subscribers exclusively. If you’re not yet getting my newsletter sign up before the weekend is over to ensure you get the shoppable PDF. It features 9+ pages of my favorite items as we welcome the new season.

I hope you enjoy this week’s edit and have a wonderful weekend!


  • I was so excited to finally share what I worked on with Credo Beauty back in January! I loved being able to share some of their core values and what makes them different as a beauty retailer. I hope you’ll give it a view and let me know in the Comments any of your Credo favs!
  • I attended a really cool event all about luxury travel in Great Britain. As I prepare to launch London, Perfected as a standalone product later this month, it got me really excited to return to London and begin helping people planning their trips to one of my favorite cities!
  • I updated my Best Coffee Shops in Paris guide!
  • For a bit more context on the new Shop features…on my old website I had to manually upload an image for every item and link them individually. It made for a very, very time consuming process that prevented The Shop from being updated as frequently as I would have liked. Also, everything I owned that was still shoppable from my closet was on one page making it often hard to find the exact item you were looking for! I hope that you can now find things more easily and you’ll face less broken links and encounter less sold out items since I will better be able to manage the widgets as they’re now set up on my site. There are some drawbacks to the new way I’m doing things (I can’t link brands that aren’t a part of the widget affiliate network such as Zara and some small labels I shop) so it’ll never be as comprehensive as I’d like but sadly there’s no one “does it all” solution at this time. Let me know in the Comments if you like the look and feel of the new shopping categories atop Meghan’s Closet? I’m eager to hear what you guys think!




[Top image by Carter Fish Photography]


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