The Weekly Edit + Hello, 2023!

January 6, 2023

Dior Bow in Paris

Hi you guys! And hi 2023!!

How were your holidays? I hope they were merry, bright + healthy. The last couple of weeks where I took off were not as restorative as I had hoped sadly. Heading towards the holidays, Q4 involves a lot of burnout and my travel schedule at the end of last year especially had me needing some major R+R. I’m actually hoping my return to New York as I ease back into work will allow me some of the rest I had been seeking over the holidays. If you, too, had a more anxious or stressful holidays, I see you. 

Next week I am diving back into regular posts and I will once again be doing my annual “Look Back Week” where I share a variety of recaps from 2022’s most loved. I’ll also be sharing exclusively with newsletter subscribers how I am resetting for the new year on Monday so be sure to sign up for my newsletter if you’re not yet on the list.

You may also have noticed I’ve decided to change up the name of my long standing Weekly Roundup. Over the holidays I was giving a lot of thought to how I want to make some tweaks to my brand – website, etc. and one of those things was changing the name of my series I’ve been doing since, if you can believe it…2010! It was time for a refresh and a name that I thought better represented the curation that goes into every Friday’s links. 

I’m glad to be back and hope you enjoy this first edit of 2023 and have a wonderful weekend!


  • Returned home to New York and enjoyed a slow entry into the new year.
  • Celebrated a major work milestone!




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  1. Ashley says:

    Just ordered the wine coat my winter wardrobe needed a coat refresh! Thanks Meghan great taste like always 🙂

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