Things I’ve Been Using a Lot Lately

July 19, 2021

Things Ive Been Using a Lot Lately

I know you guys love my series Things I’ve Bought and Loved Recently so I thought I’d launch a similar series around things I’ve been using a lot lately. As much as I love trying new things, I’m also a creature of habit and lean into things I’m loving and use them regularly. It’s why you often hear me talking about the same things over and over again. The following are items I’ve had in heavy rotation of late and I hope you’ll find something you’re excited to have discovered!

Things I’ve Been Using a Lot Lately

1. Waffle Knit Lounge Set

This set is my go-to for working from home these days. On days I am not heading out to any appointments, I find myself popping this on (or this similar lounge set). I’m comfy yet feel like I got dressed for the day!

2. Tatcha The Liquid Silk Canvas Primer

This is a really great primer for summer! It gives you a nice mattifying effect for hot days and does a great job at smoothing out skin to prime it for makeup. I use it on days I want less of a glow than I usually go for.

3. Chanel Water-Fresh Tint

My new go-to for hot, humid days. This unique formula has pearls in it that disperse once you blend it out and you get the slightest bit of coverage. Just enough to smooth out your skin tone and make skin look a bit more radiant and awake. I wear shade Light.

4. Verilux Happy Light

This has been the best addition to my morning routine. As I check my emails every week day morning, I pop this light next to me and turn it on for 15-20 minutes. It energizes me and gets me in a good, more productive feeling mood. My doctor uses hers throughout the day and told me it would be great for my anxiety & my focus, too and I definitely agree that it has been.

5. Lake Pajamas

I think this may be my favorite pair of Lake pajamas to date. I prefer to sleep with it rather cold and love having my limbs covered but I also run pretty hot so it can be a difficult balance. This pair is cool, crisp and soft and lightweight enough to wear in the summer when sleeping with the AC on. Lake Pajamas just seem to get better with time, too. I love slinking into them when the day is done and on a recent Facetime with my mom she even remarked “are these pajamas you’re in? They look so soft!” I wear a size M.

6. Strivectin Eye Cream

This eye cream is so good! I had the opportunity to test it out before signing onto a campaign with the brand and have been using it non-stop since. I’ve noticed my fine lines around my eyes have improved and I love that makeup goes on well over it (no pilling!) I’ll be adding it to my list of favorite eye creams.

7. Jenni Kayne Bowls

I eat 75% of my meals in bowls so I added these Jenni Kayne bowls to my rotation alongside my beloved Year & Day bowls. The bowls are just beautiful and the perfect size. I love that you can order any quantity as I just wanted two.

8. Westman Atelier Squeaky Clean Lip Balm

Can’t stop, won’t stop with this lip balm. I have been keeping my four shades in heavy rotation and one of the colors is on my lips 5 out of 7 days lately. See my shade try on.

9. Dior Cuticle Balm

I had no idea Dior made a cuticle balm but I saw people talking about it on Instagram and as my cuticles could always use some TLC, I’ve been using little dabs of this balm (a little goes a long, long way!) every few days and man, it’s good.

10. Hydro Flask

I bought this after a few friends told me they love theirs and also after a near disaster of my open Nalgene bottle nearly spilling 32oz of water on my brand new computer. YIKES! I like that this straw-cap makes it easy to still drink a lot of water but doesn’t run the risk of spills.

11. Equilibria Daily CBD Softgels

My every day way to balance and calm and carry on. These CBD gels are my favorite way to help manage my anxiety. I’ve been taking them for over a year.

12. The Daily Stoic

An important part of my daily routine every morning. The Daily Stoic is such a nice way to start your day. This book features 366 meditations for every calendar day that focus on on wisdom, perseverance, and the art of living.

13. Warby Parker Tatum Glasses

I am so glad I got a pair of glasses with an updated Rx for distance. For the evenings when I crawl into bed to watch some TV, I no longer have to strain my eyes. I love the Tatum shape and Warby Parker eye glasses are just my favorite.

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  1. Liz says:

    I just started taking the Equilibria softgels thanks to you and I am obsessed! I love how they keep me feeling even and relaxed throughout the day.

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