My Winter Bucket List & a Brooklinen Sale

November 17, 2021

Brooklinen Bedding

It’s hard to believe that Winter is just around the corner. And in the hopes of avoiding fear around NorEasters and the seasonal depression that comes with it – I’ve put together a Winter Bucket List!

Brooklinen Bedding

Brooklinen Bedding

Brooklinen Bedding

Add cozy linens to my bed for the season

I am so excited to have updated my bedding for the season with Brooklinen’s Heathered Cashmere sheets. I use their Classic Percale sheets typically year round (and have for over six years!) but this year I wanted to up the cozy factor of my bed. When I tell you that these sheets are soft – they are so, so soft. Perfectly lived in feeling but still crisp to give you that freshly made bed feeling when you get into bed each night. I have had a hard time getting out of bed ever since donning them – they are truly the coziest sheets I have ever had and I can’t recommend them enough! (And I am a hot sleeper – and don’t get too hot in these – game changer!)

In exciting news – Brooklinen has started their Black Friday Sale early! You can now get 20% off your purchase – it is the biggest sale of the year so it’s the best time to buy. And there’s no order minimum required!

Other Brooklinen products I own and love?

I’ve been a Brooklinen customer for over six years – I can’t recommend their products enough and think they make a great gift for someone special this holiday season. Or the 20% off is a great way to gift yourself to upgrade your bedding to enjoy your sleep more than ever.

Make soup at home

I never make soup! I don’t know why but it intimidates me? If you have a favorite recipe I would love to hear it!

Take a snowy park walk

There’s nothing like the first snow in New York City and I love heading to Central Park when it is covered in a fresh blanket of flurries.

Find a great ramen place

I want to try some ramen places in the city and find one I love this season.

Style my built-ins

My new apartment has built-ins and I’m excited to finally get them not only organized but styled with my favorite decor and trinkets.

Host friends for a comfort food dinner

Once my dining table arrives I can’t wait to have friends over for a dinner that I’m going to theme all around comfort food for a chilly night!

Visit the MoMa

It’s been so long since I’ve been to this museum and I want to take advantage of the colder temperatures to head to some museums that I haven’t enjoyed lately.

Take a video editing course

All my Instagram and TikTok videos to date have been self taught from an editing perspective. This winter I’d like to take a course to learn how to better edit and use InShot more intuitively. 

Do an indulgent breakfast at home one weekend

I’ve been craving pancakes and bacon and just one big at home breakfast that’s on the indulgent side. No better time than a chillier winter morning to do so at home – while still in my pajamas of course!

Try a new small business in my neighborhood

After the holidays I know a lot of small businesses see a slow down so I want to patronize some new ones I’ve never visited before.

Make a hot toddy

Do you love hot toddys as much as I do? My grandma always swore they’d help if you weren’t feeling well in the winter. I love making them at home so I want to get everything I need to have on hand for when the craving strikes.

Get organized

I’ve made a lot of progress on getting organized in my new apartment but I am so excited to tackle my built ins and my kitchen this winter. Things have a home at the moment but they definitely could get optimized. 

. . .

I’d love to hear – what’s on your bucket list for the upcoming winter season?

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This post is in collaboration with Brooklinen. Thank you so much for supporting the brands I love to work with! 

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  1. Judy Holmes says:

    Easy quick soup that tastes yummy: tomato soup made with large family-sized canned tomato soup, regular-sized block of cream cheese, half a package of fried & crumbled bacon, soup can of milk, large can of Italian stewed tomatoes & dill. After frying bavon, remove from pan & crumble. Melt cream cheese in bacon fat on medium heat. Add tomato soup, milk, Italian tomatoes & bacon to melted cream cheese. Add dill to taste once ingredients are mixed together & hot. Enjoy!

  2. Marisol says:

    Made this soup in the instant pot the other day!

    If you don’t have one yet, totally recommend getting an instant pot! Such a game changer!

    On another note, you’ve convinced me to order the mattress topper! Anything to make my bed super comfy

  3. Alix says:

    Hi Meghan! I love this list! Our all-time favorite soup that we make again and again is this French chestnut soup
    Let us know if you make it!

  4. Deanna Debrecht says:

    Here’s an easy soup when you’re craving mexican food – one can of refried beans, one can of black beans, one can of ointo beans, one can of diced tomatoes (I use Rotel tomatoes to spice it up a bit), a cup of frozen corn (or a can of corn), a packet of taco seasoning, and 3-4 cups of chicken or vegetable broth. Stir everything together and let simmer for 30 minutes, then serve topped with avocado and cheese. So good!

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