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April 28, 2023

Paris in Spring

I woke up on Monday raring to go and believe me when I tell you – it had been a minute since I felt that fire in my belly and it felt really good. Last weekend I had a restorative weekend where I took some time to really tune into listening to my thoughts and trying to right my mind a bit from the fog that had taken up residence the last few weeks. I took pen to paper on this topic and am going to be sending out a newsletter soon on it. If you’re interested in reading it and not yet on my newsletter list, you can sign up HERE.

I am heading to spend time with family this weekend and will be happy to be reunited with everyone. You better believe I downloaded Emily Henry’s new book to my Kindle as soon as it dropped this week to enjoy while traveling! I love her books so much.

Hope you enjoy this week’s edit & have a wonderful weekend!


  • Did a lot of catching up on work! I am in prep mode for a lot of out of office time coming up. 
  • Had my girlfriends Merritt and Carly over for rosé on my roof! I’m so glad rooftop season is back in the city and it was so fun to have Merritt in town from Dallas. Both girls have great blogs + instagrams if you’re looking for some fresh follows.
  • Began working on several London, Perfected orders! I’ve loved seeing these orders come in now that it is a standalone product. It’s also getting me ready for my return to the city in just a few short weeks!
  • The Noteworthy Finds Shop is freshly updated! I also gave a refresh to the Spring-Summer shop, too. I’ve been finding some special pieces of late!
  • I got a wonderful facial at Caudalie’s NYC boutique in the Meatpacking district. For my fellow New Yorkers – this is a great spot to get a bespoke facial and of course stock up on some of my favorite skincare products.




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  1. Paula says:

    Meghan – Based on your book recommendation, if you haven’t yet been introduced to Laurie Colwin’s fiction, let me introduce you. Her novels & short stories are still in print even tho she passed away in the early 90s. Also, she has 2 volumes of food essays: Home Cooking and More Home Cooking. I’m pretty sure everything is available as an ebook now.

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