Where I’m Shopping From This Spring

March 23, 2022

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As I mentioned in this recent post, and on Instagram recently, I’ve been struggling with Spring shopping. All the bold colors and patterns, 90s styles and juvenile cuts and silhouettes are just not me. When I noted this on Instagram I was met with a barrage of responses of people feeling the same as they navigated spring shopping. 

So today I am here to help! Think of today’s post as a sort of directory for shopping this season.

Where I’m Shopping From This Spring

I was inspired to write this post after a conversation with a friend who felt stuck in Spring shopping. She doesn’t shop too often but rather likes to take care of getting new pieces at the onset of each season. She was coming up short with where to look having felt equal parts overwhelmed by the options and also disappointed to see what retailers were pushing this season.

Knowing her style I began to rattle off some places to look and it got me to thinking about how I am shopping this season and how I am looking to to update my wardrobe. 

I attempted to do the heavy lifting for you here having selected the pieces I like best from each brand’s current new arrivals and staple pieces.


All year round essentials. Great button downs and tees and coats. Their French Fry tee is a personal favorite.


Jenni Kayne

Staple sweaters, effortless dresses and other timeless basics you can wear now and all year round. Read my Jenni Kayne Apparel Review.


Alex Mill

Casual cool pieces from a brand I’ve really fallen for in the last couple of years.



My favorite French brand and so good for pretty dresses, lace pieces and summer-y knits.


& Other Stories

One of my go-to European brands. I love their coats, dresses and blouses in particular. 



I find the amount of their inventory to be a bit mind boggling online these days so my best advice is to sort by size and price and then begin shopping. I also like to shop by specific brand. I shared some recent favorite selects from the brand here and you can find more below.



So many of my Spring and Summer dresses are from Reformation. I love their linen and I love their midi dresses in particular. I always size up in this brand and I recommend you order two of every size to ensure a good fit. They have pretty fast returns and good customer service to help, too. Their dresses honestly make such good dresses for girls trips, wedding guest attire and vacation but I also wear mine out and about in NYC a ton, too.


Demellier London

Striking bags that look designer but will cost you substantially less. 



Versatile bags that’ll complete any spring outfit.



I’m finding less from Shopbop this season than I usually do but there were still some stand outs and some items I already own that I thought I’d highlight for you guys.


Sarah Flint

Versatile and comfortable investment shoes of which I own so many – they are *so* good. Life is too short to be getting blisters and be in pain from your shoes. It’s time to upgrade. Click through for plenty more color options of these styles I like.



For affordable basics that you’ll get a lot of wear out of. Don’t miss my Tips for Shopping on Amazon Fashion.



A favorite of mine year round but I definitely buy more in Spring/Summer. They have great little jackets and dresses in particular. A lot of it is too 70s for me this season but I did find some gems below. 



So good of late! Breezy dresses, cute swimwear and shoes and loads more I like. And my favorite linen button down (size up! See it on here) and raffia bag are back this year!



They’re skewing a bit too boho for me for the most part but their denim just keeps getting better.  Included a few other items I like too.



Casual staples for work and weekend. I was pretty disappointed by Everlane’s Fall and Winter offerings but Spring is more hopeful!



Investment pieces that you can style a myriad of ways. Their pants, jackets and tees are personal favorites of mine.


Ann Taylor

If you’re heading back into an office and want to have some new work staples that won’t break the bank, Ann Taylor is a go-to for great work pants and blazers and little jackets for me.


Net a Porter

For investment pieces with impact.

. . .

Hope you found this helpful! Have you had any success with certain brands this spring? I’d love for you to share them with us in the Comments!

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7 comments on “Where I’m Shopping From This Spring”

  1. I agree with your friend about the styles that are coming out this spring, not a fan. The 90’s were not the greatest for style (grunge, etc.) not sure why they’re bringing it back. Also, what is with all the crop tops? Unless you are stick thin and are under 25 or so (just my thinking here) crop is not flattering for most women. One other place to look for a myriad of styles including a fabulous shoe selection is Anthropologie. Happy shopping everyone!

  2. When the current fashions are not my cup of tea, I take a pause in buying clothes & work my closet hard. I focus on replenishing underwear & socks. And, it’s time to splurge on jewelry & scarves.

  3. I am so ready for the Reformation store to open in Atlanta. I feel like I always order 15 things and maybe keep one. Ready to try it all on in person. The style right now is so all over the place, trying to focus on basics and things I truly truly love.

    xo Jessica
    an indigo day

    1. I went to one in LA this week and was so disappointed at the lack of inventory in the store. They have SO much online but in the store it was so limited. Hope the ATL store is better!

  4. HI; I just found Alex Mill and just ordered the sweater you featured, how do you find the quality?

    Marianne xo

  5. I feel the exact same. I really do miss the old Madwell (classic cuts and actually made well.) Only perusing their denim these days.

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