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November 20, 2020

Starbucks Holiday Cup I wit & whimsy

I am in the thick of prepping all my Cyber Week content for this coming week and hope you guys are ready! I’ll be sharing the best of the sales, gift ideas on promotion, things I own on sale + much more.  And as I am not traveling for Thanksgiving I’ll be using work to distract me from our world’s reality so I hope you’ll benefit from the fruits of my labor :). 

This week’s roundup is a hefty one – I hope you’ll enjoy! And have a wonderful weekend. xx



  • This was a great read about the age of influencers in a politically charged climate. This year I have been more vocal than ever before about my beliefs and sharing resources and opinions about the state of our world. I have been rallied around in an amazing way but I also have been called names, had nasty messages sent to me and lost a lot of followers. But I made a commitment to continue to use my platform for good and I believe the well being of all people in this country should be equal so I will continue to be sharing my beliefs. I was personally deeply disappointed to see people who never spoke up or spoke out for fear of backlash. Too much is at stake for those withh influence to be silent. Period.
  • Alone for the holidays? Read this. (And if you’ve been crying about this a lot lately – I’m there with you.)
  • This meat sauce sounds divine. (Related: My favorite comfort food recipes.)
  • I found this essay in The New Yorker so relatable. Those moments of normalcy are so fleeting nowadays and yet so memorable at the same time. 
  • I just found out The Frick (a favorite museum of mine in NYC) has been doing “Cocktails with a Curator“: a Frick curator (remotely) offers insights on a work of art with a complementary cocktail. How fun is that!? The old “episodes” are available on YouTube. I love this!
  • I can’t wait to visit this new Paris shop when I’m finally able to return!
  • How to worry more mindfully. Needed this!




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  1. Tabitha says:

    Keep fighting the good fight – I follow you because I align with you politically and it’s refreshing that you speak out.

  2. Judy Holmes says:

    Good morning! I am fairly new to your blog. I love your gut-honest statements about how you are doing & what you think about our current world issues. I am sorry people have been unkind. I encourage you to continue to be YOU loudly & bravely!!

  3. Anne Price says:

    The NYC window display is FABULOUS! Thank you for including that this week. It feels like you are there!

  4. Marianne says:

    YOu are one of my favorite bloggers to read each morning. Honest and trustworthy. Thank-you Marianne

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