Weekly Roundup

May 20, 2022

Paris Spring Outfit

After so much time away from home the past month, it was so nice to be home this week. I got a bunch done around my apartment and I’m excited to have a weekend in the city that I’ll be spending with family. Next week I’m off on my next trip so I’m going to relish time in my beloved Brooklyn Heights this weekend. 

I hope you enjoy this week’s roundup and have a wonderful weekend!


  • Culled through the many (many!) applications I received for my new virtual assistant. I was overwhelmed in the best way & I’m excited to get this hiring process underway. My businesses are growing (I am so grateful) and I need more help.
  • I started reading the next book in the American Royals series: Rivals! I was excited to get an advance copy as I’ve loved the series so much. It comes out later this month so you can pre-order it now!
  • My week was thrown awry when my laptop went swimming in my bag when my water bottle lid wasn’t on tight. This has never happened to me before and now my laptop is in the shop for a month. To say I had a panic attack would be an understatement. My computer is my lifeline for my three businesses and this was an expensive issue to handle. Thank GOD Apple was able to sell me a loaner laptop they said I could return but still I feel empty without my constant companion – not to mention all the data I will lose on my hard rive.
  • I was a guest on a podcast this week and I can’t wait to share the episode with you once it is live!
  • I saw Plaza Suite on Broadway finally (I originally had tickets for May 2020!) and was so delighted by Matthew Broderick and Sarah Jessica Parker. I laughed and smiles all through it.




[Katie Donnelly Photography – Shop my outfit here]

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