My Favorite Amazon Purchases of 2023

January 8, 2024

My Favorite Amazon Purchases of 2023

Welcome to The 2023 Look Back week on wit & whimsy! All week long I will be featuring favorite discoveries and purchases of 2023. It’s fun for me to assess what purchases I made throughout the year and see what really stood out. 

First up: my favorite Amazon purchases of the year. Last year I continued to put my Amazon Prime membership to good use and found some great items I’ve been using and wearing regularly.

Read on to discover all my favorite Amazon purchases of last year and if you’re curious, don’t miss my My Favorite Amazon Purchases of 2022 and My Favorite Amazon Purchases of 2021.

Favorite Amazon Purchases of 2023

1, The Drop Bell Sleeve Sweater Dress

Given this sweater dress is one of my favorites (I own it in three colors- size L), when I saw the new bell sleeve style in a gorgeous chocolate color I ordered it right away and love it. I also sized up to a L in this style.

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2. The Drop Sweatshirt + Shorts Lounge Set

I loved my set in white so much that last year I added the black to my rotation as well. The quality and fit on these pieces are great. I wear a M in both the sweatshirt and shorts.

3. HUE Tights

I am always on the hunt for quality tights and ended up panic ordering this pair before my last trip overseas last year. I promptly ordered two more pair because of how well they held up.

4. SPANX Ecocare Everyday Shaping Longline Bralette

This was one of the year’s bestsellers which is no surprise as I know you guys are as passionate about comfortable yet supportive bras as I am! If you’re in between sizes I recommend sizing up. I now own two of these.

5. Spray Bottle

I saw a girl on TikTok recommend putting this Glycolic Acid into this spray bottle for easy application onto chest and back acne and it worked like a charm. 

6. Hot Yoga Towel

My hot yoga studio charges for towels so I bought two of these mat towels + two of the hand towels so I can always bring my own. They are great. 

7. Clean Skin Club Clean Towels

After an enlightening conversation with a facialist about how much bacteria our bathroom towels carry if we use them for washing our faces, I bought these single-use towels to use after I wash my face. It was especially important after a variety of breakouts I was battling last year.

8. Steamery Steamer

My linen wardrobe over the summer required a lot of steaming at hotels as I traveled across Europe and watching my friend Briony use a steamer finally convinced me that it was necessary for certain pieces. I bought this one at her recommendation and have used it regularly ever since. I still use my favorite Downy Wrinkle Releaser as a first defense but it doesn’t work as well on linen or creases so the steamer gets called in for those cases.

Steamer in stock HERE.

9. Megababe Underarm Mask

I swear by Megababe Thigh Rescue in summer (it is a summer necessity for me!) but I’ll admit when they launched this underarm mask I was confused about its purpose. Flash forward to testing it out and I am hooked. If you’re a fellow natural deodorant user, I can’t recommend this enough.

This detoxifying mask is made with charcoal, willow bark extract, acids and vitamin C to cleanse and nourish underarm skin. It basically resets the skin under your arms. I use about 2x per month and afterwards, my underarm skin is left soft, smooth and odor-free.

10. humane Maximum-Strength Acne Wash

I always breakout from sweaty sports bras and summer heat so my derm recommended this wash and told me the key to it working was letting it sit on back and chest acne. Just be sure to rinse it very well to avoid any staining on towels/clothes.

11. NutriBullet

I ditched my giant blender in my last move and decided to replace it with this handy gadget that takes up 50% less space in my kitchen cabinets. It’s powerful and great for blending dressing, sauces and smoothies. 

12. Lingerie Laundry Bags

After my building’s laundry machines chew up two other sets of laundry bags, I have finally found a more durable set. I bought these in all sizes available and use them for bras and other delicates when washing.

13. Touchscreen Mist Cleaner

If your computer screen also gets filthy, you’ll want to add this to cart. You spray it on and then use the microfiber casing to clear up finger prints and other smudges on any of your touchscreen devices. It is oh so satisfying to use.

14. Makeup Brush Travel Case

I didn’t want my makeup brushes swimming in my cosmetics cases so I bought one of these and then a second as they don’t fit that many brushes. Now I pack my brushes in them and don’t spend time digging around in my makeup to try and find what I am looking for.

15. Round Brush

This affordable round brush is perfect for blow drying your hair.

16. Sweater Pants

Comfy and cozy and I love the ribbing on the material. 

A few other items I also loved from Amazon this year…

Paint Touchup Pens

These pens are *genius* and were a 2023 bestseller. You inject your paint into them and then they click easily to allow you to do seamless paint touchups around the house. I loved how easy it was to fix pesky scratches all around my home and returned to using these time and time again all year long.

Nest Autumn Plum 3-Wick Candle

I burned through this.3 wick candle in record time because it smells so, so good.

Vichy Mineral Double Glow Peel Face Mask

This $20 mask is such a deal and a great dupe for the beloved Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask. Skin is left so glowy afterwards. 

Amika Travel Size Hairspray

I bought so many of these hairsprays this year to accompany me on my travels. It doesn’t leave any crunchy residue and helps keep my curls intact while on the road.

iDesign Wall Mount Organizer

I don’t like the look of having dish brushes or sponges out so I added two of these inside my kitchen cabinet doors under my sink to keep things easy to grab but out of sight.

NailTek Nail Strengthener

I am so glad my nail studio recommended this nail strengthener to use in between manicures. 

Hydro Flask 24 Oz Straw Water Bottle

I adore my 32oz Hydro Flask bottle for keeping hydrated at home but it is too big and too heavy to travel with so I got the smaller version this year to ensure I stopped buying plastic water bottles while traveling. The straw cap always ensures I drink far more H20. 

Olio E Osso Shave Oil

This makes skin oh-so-smooth and smells divine. I was glad to see it was finally back in stock!

Eberjey Teddy

Perfect for warm summer evening sleeps.

Kitsch Hair Clips

I’m not one to wear hair clips outside the house but I do use these to hold my hair while curling it.

Tissue Box Holder

I have this in my bathroom and love its minimalist style. It was sold out for much of last year after I first posted it but I’m glad it is restocked!

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