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The Weekly Edit

August 11, 2023

Paris City Street Outfit

I started this week serving jury duty but was blissfully dismissed after day one which felt like I got to reclaim so much time during a week I thought I might be struggling to be productive at all! After over a week out in California, I returned home and hit the ground running working on a bunch of upcoming projects for w&w and so many Paris, Perfected orders for clients traveling this Fall. 

Speaking of Fall, I am fully in Fall mode. I have several Fall collaborations already on deck and a very, very full travel schedule in the coming months. I am also anticipating Fall being the time I can finally announce a big project I’ve been working on. As always, I’ll be doing so with my newsletter community first so if you’re not yet a part of the list, you can sign up HERE.

I hope you enjoy this week’s edit and have a wonderful week!


  • I refreshed the Seasonal Favorites and Under $100 sections of The Shop with all my new favorite finds for the forthcoming season. 
  • I made this old favorite Spicy Peanut Noodle recipe and man it was just as good as I remember.
  • I spent much of this week working on this year’s Fall Essentials PDF! I am super proud of it and can’t wait to share it with my newsletter subscribers (my shoppable PDFs are exclusive to this community!) This year it is going to include the Fall vibes-trends I am into, popular Fall blog posts to bookmark, where I am loving shopping from this Fall plus over 15 pages of Fall Staples for your wardrobe. It’ll hit inboxes later this month!




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[Katie Donnelly Photography – wearing similar blouse; jeans]

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