Some Favorite Sweaters + Some J.Crew & Madewell Favorites

October 20, 2020
Favorite Sweater Styles | Chic Fall Outfit I wit & whimsy
Favorite Sweater Styles

I always rejoice when sweater weather arrives as I am quite sure sweaters make up 50% off my wardrobe – not joking! I love the ease of donning a favorite sweater with your jeans and a good boot or pair of sneakers and always look forward to getting dressed this time of year.

Favorite Sweater Styles | Amazon Fashion Goodthreads Sweater

J.Crew Plaid Bow I wit & whimsy

Favorite Sweater Styles | Chic Fall Outfit I wit & whimsy

Amazon Fashion Goodthreads Sweater

I’ve made some additions to my collection this year but also some favorites of mine from years past are still available that you can shop below. 

And while we’re at it, I’ve been loving J.Crew and Madewell’s new arrivals so I am rounding up my favorites from their collections now, too!

Some of my Favorite Sweater Styles Available Now:


Current J.Crew Favorites:

The brand is also doing 30% off right now for most of the items below!


Current Madewell Favorites:

. . .

Goodthreads Sweater (M – comes in 8 colors!) // J.Crew Bow // Agolde Toni Jeans (27 – also available here) // Marc Fisher Boots

p.s. some of my recent Fall purchases and the best Fall finds under $150.

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6 comments on “Some Favorite Sweaters + Some J.Crew & Madewell Favorites”

  1. I agree with Sabrina – you look fantastic in these photos. 🙂 And the setting just seems idyllic!

    Can I be nosy and ask how you store all your sweaters? I’ve got mine packed into the drawers in a vintage lingerie dresser (and now stacked on top of a second dresser), but I’m running out of room. I don’t know if I should be rolling or folding to fit more of them into each drawer, or if there’s somewhere else I could be putting them that I’m just not thinking of …

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