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January 8, 2021

Cute and Casual Fall Outfit

Welcome to the first roundup of 2021! It feels good to be back after a much-needed rest. Despite my time off I had a rather stressful end to 2020 so having some time with limited work being done was truly necessary. But I start this year with a heavy heart as well. Heavy for the ongoing pandemic. Heavy for the state of our nation. Heavy for the reality that we are so divided and so many can’t seem to want to work towards a better future.

As I’m sure they did for many of you – my holidays looked very different this year and that was hard. But as I shared on Instagram – I badly needed to unplug and reset. I felt a deep level of burnout and hopelessness and knew that some time away was necessary to restore my positive spirit and look towards a new year with hope and optimism. I took time to read a lot, limited my Instagram usage to one minute a day (this was an incredible feat!), ate good food, savored my A.M. cup of coffee while looking out at the morning sky, worked on my planning documents for my next trip to Paris (despite not having a trip booked!), took walks, didn’t wear jeans or makeup for a month, took a pause from constant news consumption for a bit (but watched horrified and speechless at Wednesday’s sickening and sad display unfold), enjoyed hot baths and tried my best to stay away from work and social media in particular. I also really loved re-reading through this post I wrote a year ago and found a lot of comfort in it. I hope you guys can, too.

I’ve been working this week on a bunch of posts for next week for what I am deeming “Look Back Week” which will feature my favorite purchases from last year, favorite books and more. 

Hope you guys are excited to see them and I so hope you all had a wonderful and restorative holiday season despite everything going on in our world. Enjoy this first roundup of the year and have a good weekend.





[Wearing above Sweater / Jeans / Boots]

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  1. Sarah M says:

    I bought the Amazon coat this winter in green. Long story short, I love it! I’m pregnant and needed something warm (I really wanted down) that had ability to expand with me and the side zippers are perfect for that. Pros: it’s so warm, I love the color, the endless pockets mean I can take long pandemic walks and put everything I need in them (mittens, snacks, lip balm, water, phone, hat, etc..it’s Mary Poppins-ey in that way), adjustable fit makes it work with bulkier sweaters underneath or pregnancy, and that knowing under mask smile when you see someone else in it 🙂 Cons: It’s not the most flattering, but I’ve accepted that (all the pockets and extra zippers/buttons make it look bulky and I’m short, so the coat does “engulf” me a bit), it’s hard to keep the hood from falling down as there isn’t a cincher, and it’s not waterproof so not great to wear during a wet snow. I’m so glad I got this coat and it’s especially perfect in this challenging season because who doesn’t want a warm hug?!

  2. Ambrey says:

    PSA – TJ Maxx has a dupe of the Amazon coat on their website and it’s only $80! I own it and love it. Definitely not the most flattering like the other commenter said but so comfy and good for days when you just want to be warm!


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